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May 15, 2008

Stupid Norton Firewall

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Hi there,

Its been a while since I wrote something on this blog. So today I want to share an interesting mystery that was chewing on my brain for a while. Beginning February 2008, I did a major overhaul for eClassifieds4U to support for future growth. But since then I started to get complains from some selected users. And the issues were like:
- I am not able to see anything when I go to Post Ads page.

- How do I delete, repost or activate my ad? I don’t see links in my email.

I was scratching my head and trying to figure out why only selected people have such issues and not everyone. At least, this pointed me that it is some software that the users have installed on their computer which is giving this problem. But to figure out which software is causing issue was a challenge for me.

Recently, I visited my parent’s place. When I logged on eClassifieds 4U, I found exactly same issues what other users had experienced. Eureka! I found the cause of the problem. It was Norton Security Center. Norton has this ad blocking feature which would block the url or content of the webpages which contains those banned words.

And by default, Norton Ad Blocker has the word ‘ads’ as a banned word. Now that the mystery was solved, I had to rework all the URLs and remove the word ‘ads’ from them and then I changed them ‘ad’. Since I have done this change, the complaints from users have stopped.

So if you have any question, problem or comment, please feel to drop me a line. I will do my best to sort it out as soon as possible.

Thank you for using eClassifieds 4U,

Ketan Patel

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